Manning Pipe Design Spreadsheet

Manning Pipe Design Spreadsheet

The Manning Formula is used to determine the flow in partially full pipes. The Manning formula is given below;

V = Average Water Velocity (m/s)

Q = Flow (m³/s)

n = Manning’s Roughness Coefficient

A = Cross Sectional Area of Pipe (m²)

P = Wetted Perimeter of Pipe (m)

S = Hydraulic Gradient (m/m)



Spreadsheet Circular Pipes

This spreadsheet uses the Manning formula to calculate the flow conditions in a circular pipe acting under gravity only. It includes the following functions;

  • Calculates the maximum flow of a liquid through a circular pipe under gravity
  • User can alter all parameters including;
  • Can model any circular pipe diameter or hydraulic gradient
  • Output
    • Gives flow of pipe running full in l/s and m³/s
    • Flow of pipe running full is plotted on a chart alongside other hydraulic gradients and standard pipe diameters allowing the designer to quickly see how these parameters affect the flow
    • Gives flow velocity of pipe running full in m/s
    • Also calculates the maximum possible flow and maximum flow velocity for circular pipes running partially full and gives the liquid height at these conditions
    • Allows the user to calculate the flow and velocity when pipe is running partially full at any percentage
    • Plots a chart showing the maximum flow, maximum velocity and user specified results so the designer can easily see the flow conditions at any stage

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