Foundation Settlement Analysis Spreadsheets

This suite of spreadsheets undertake the settlement analysis of user defined foundations subject to user defined loadings. A total of 9 different methods are included to cover a range of different soil types and types of information available to the designer. These include;

  • A simple analysis based on soil compressibility values
  • A simple elastic settlement analysis
  • Immediate Settlement in accordance with Bowles “Foundation Design and Analysis”
  • Rotational Settlement for foundations subject to overturning moments
  • A Classical total settlement analysis based on Bousinesq stress analysis
  • An amended total settlement analysis in accordance with the Schmertmann method
  • A settlement analysis based on results from a Plate Loading Test, A Standard Penetration Test or a Cone Penetration Test

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Asymmetrical Foundation Analysis & Design Spreadsheets

Analysis and design to BS8110 or EC2 of an asymmetrical single spread foundation.

Beam on Elastic Foundation Analysis Spreadsheets

Analysis of a flexible beam or section of foundation on a Winkler foundation.

Bearing Capacity Analysis Spreadsheets

Bearing capacity analysis spreadsheets utilising 7 different methods to account for different soil types and site investigation data.

Combined Pad Foundation Design & Analysis Spreadsheets

Analysis and design of complex combined pad foundations to BS8110 or EC2.

Mat Foundation Design & Analysis Spreadsheets

Design spreadsheets to BS8110 or EC2 for mat or raft foundations, including both rigid and flexible analysis.

Octagonal Foundation Design & Analysis Spreadsheets

Analysis and design of Octagonal shaped single pad foundations to BS8110 or EC2.

Single Pad Foundation Design & Analysis Spreadsheets

Analysis and design of simple and complex single pad foundations to BS8110 or EC2.

Strip Foundation Design & Analysis Spreadsheets

Strip or continuous foundation analysis and design spreadsheets to BS8110 or EC2.