Single Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets

This suite of spreadsheets undertake the stability analysis and structural design of a single rectangular pad foundation.

The spreadsheets analyse the loadings input by the user and calculate the optimum pad size to transfer these loads into an acceptable bearing pressure into the soil. Our unique Pad Sizing Chart makes it simple for the designer to choose the optimum pad dimensions.

After the pad size has been set, the spreadsheets then calculate the design bending moments and the required reinforcement in both X and Y directions. The designer can then specify the precise reinforcement arrangement using our unique Suggested Reinforcement Chart which shows graphically the available reinforcement arrangements which satisfy both required cross sectional area and spacing requirements.

Then the spreadsheets calculate the shear capacity of the foundation in both X and Y directions and for punching shear and checks whether the pad is adequately deep. This is shown graphically on three separate charts which show exactly how deep the foundation needs to be to satisfy the shear force requirements.

Then a summary page is created and a reinforcement drawing is generated to show the exact reinforcement arrangements which the user has specified.

The suite includes a total of 4 spreadsheets;

  • A simple pad design spreadsheet which analyses a simple square pad foundation subject to a single axial load. This spreadsheet will be suitable for most small or isolated cases and therefore allows designs for straight forward cases to be designed very quickly, much quicker than any software package with similar capabilities.
  • A complex pad design spreadsheet which is capable of analysing any single rectangular pad foundation subject to axial, horizontal or moment loadings. These spreadsheets include all the tools a designer could ask for to design complex problems or where great attention to detail is required. Allows for any size rectangular pad and rectangular column to allow for cases where space is limited in one direction, or where a rectangular pad is desired to suit moment loads. A Bearing Pressure Chart is also generated to allow the designer to size the pad to ensure even bearing pressures. Includes a Sliding analysis to account for any horizontal loads. Includes design charts to allow more detailed appraisal of shear and punching shear loads.

Both simple and complex spreadsheets are available to comply with either British Standards BS8110 & BS8004 or Eurocodes BS En 1992 & BS En 1997.

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