Soakaway Maintenance Schedule

Typical Soakaway Maintenance Schedule

An example schedule of soakaway maintenance is shown below. this is taken from the Soakaway Ultimate Design Guide.

Inspections & Monitoring (Every 6 Months)
Inspection of Soakaway Structures
Inspection of Inlets & Outlets
Monitoring of Performance after Heavy Rain
Inspection for Tree Roots
Inspection of Sediment Interception Methods
Inspection of Catchment for Erosion
Inspection of Surface for Settlement
Inspection for Signs of Pollution
Regular Maintenance (Every 3 Months)
Removal of Litter & Debris (Soakaway)
Removal of Litter & Debris (Sediment Interception Methods)
Sweeping of Paved Surfaces
Cleaning of Roof Gutters
Occasional Maintenance (Every 12 Months)
Removal of Tree Roots
Tree/Shrub Management
Sediment Removal (Soakaway)
Sediment Removal (Sediment Interception Methods)
Cleaning of Inlets & Outlets
Cleaning of Pipework
Remedial Maintenance (When Required)
Full Structure Rehabilitation
Infiltration Surface Reconditioning