Consultancy & Contacts

About Us

CivilWeb Consulting Engineers are a family business run since 2017 from Newcastle, UK. We serve clients all over the world and all our products and services are provided by chartered members of the ICE in the UK. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility, providing most of our designs within 24 hrs.

Bespoke Software

Serving clients all over the world requires us to be flexible, and all our spreadsheets are capable of being adapted to suit different units or national design standards. We have adapted spreadsheets to suit national codes in the UK, Europe, US, India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more. We have also added special analysis features to suit particular clients needs, we chose to use Excel for our software because of its adaptability.

Please contact us for further information if you require any alterations to any of the spreadsheets.

Consultancy Services

We are able to provide consultancy services for all types of civil and structural engineering projects. We can provide engineering calculations, drawings and project management documents such as bills of quantities or specifications. We are specialists at providing documents to building control departments for signing off planning conditions.

We can undertake works on any aspect of civil or structural engineering. For further information and prices, please follow the below links to our specific design pages.

If you would like to discuss a project, have a query about our spreadsheets or any other comments, please use the contact form below or email me direct, [email protected].