Vessel Data Tables

This spreadsheet allows the user to estimate vessel dimensions for design purposes from a single design parameter. The output can be given in 50%, 75%, 90%, and 95% confidence limits from PIANC tables of real vessel data. This is useful when designing marine infrastructure such as quays and jetties, berthing and mooring structures, and for marine applications of all kinds.

The dimensions estimated are;

  • Deadweight
  • Displacement
  • Length Overall
  • Length Between Perpendiculars
  • Breadth
  • Depth
  • Maximum Draft
  • Minimum Freeboard

First the user specifies a single design parameter. This can be deadweight or displacement if the vessel size is known, draft if the berth or channel draft is critical, or length/breadth if these parameters are known to be critical.

The user then specifies a confidence limit which determines how many vessels will exceed the returned values. For example, for a 75% confidence limit, around 25% of vessels will exceed the stated dimensions.

Ships Data Tables Spreadsheet.

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