Brick Wall Structural Design

Here at CivilWeb Consulting Engineers we have complete hundreds of brick wall structural designs over many years. This page is for the design of brick and block walls, we have other pages for Columns and Windposts.

Our brick wall structural design package has been specially designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible. We don’t require lots of complicated technical details, a few simple dimensions and conditions is all we require to design your wall.

Using our below form, you can enter all the details we need. You can include drawings or details if available, though this is not usually necessary. We will get in touch within a few hours to confirm the wall details and complete the payment. Then we will complete your brick wall structural design within 24 hrs. The calculation package is again designed to be simple and easy to use.

Our brick wall structural design package costs £99.99 and has been designed for use by homeowners, builders, architects and other non-technical people who need a structural design. Our calculations are completed in accordance with Eurocodes or British Standards (BS EN 1996 or BS 5628),  fully insured and come with a full money back guarantee if you are less than completely satisfied.

Start your Brick Wall Structural Design Calculations Now, Only £99.99.

Fill in the below form to suit your requirements. If you are unsure of any of the inputs just leave it blank, we can help you determine exactly what dimensions are required. We will send you payment details and confirm all the details with you before issuing the completed calculations and you can supplement this information by attaching plans or sketches of your project. If you need any assistance with any of the below dimensions please let us know, we can often take the dimensions from a plan or sketch if required.

    Wall Type

    Height of Wall (mm)

    Length of Wall (mm)

    Wall Support Conditions (If Known)

    Leaf Thickness (Single Leaf) (mm) -

    Leaf Thickness (Inner if Cavity) (mm) -

    Leaf Thickness (Outer if Cavity) (mm) -

    Cavity Thickness (If Cavity) (mm) -

    Masonry Type (Single Leaf - If Known) -

    Masonry Type (Inner if Cavity - If Known) -

    Masonry Type (Outer if Cavity - If Known) -

    Dimensions of Bricks/Blocks (Single Leaf - If Known)

    Dimensions of Bricks/Blocks (Inner if Cavity - If Known)

    Dimensions of Bricks/Blocks (Outer if Cavity - If Known)

    Wind Loads (If Any) (kN/m2)

    Vertical Load (Single Leaf) (kN)

    Vertical Load (Inner if Cavity) (kN)

    Vertical Load (Outer if Cavity) (kN)

    Any Further Details?

    This page is for the structural design of brick and masonry columns. We have a full range of calculation packages for masonry and steel design projects. Use the link below to explore all our standard calculation packages.