Runoff and Rainfall Intensity Calculator Spreadsheet

Rainfall and Runoff Calculator Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will allow you to calculate the rainfall runoff using any one of five different methods including the Wallingford Procedure and IH 124.

With this spreadsheet you can;

With catchment information for 250 UK towns and cities and detailed guidance included for every variable this spreadsheet will allow you to complete complex runoff calculations in accordance with national standards and planning requirements in minutes

Comprehensive design information on these runoff calculation methods are included in our Surface Runoff Design Pages.

Get the full license version now for only £20. This includes;

  • Full Rainfall & Runoff Calculator with all inputs available
  • Free 44 Page Ultimate User Guide.  This includes detailed information and typical values for all the required inputs and an explanation of the design standards and principles used in the spreadsheet.
  • Free Time of Concentration calculation tool
  • Free WRAP & HOST Soil Index Value calculation tool

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