Pile Capacity from SI Data

This spreadsheet allows the user to estimate the ultimate load capacity of a pile using data obtained from an onsite test, either a Standard Penetration Test (SPT) or a Cone Penetration Test (CPT). These tests are often undertaken during site investigation works in advance of a piling design. They are also sometimes done as part of more general site investigation works, so suitable information may be available at the preliminary stages of a pile design project.

The spreadsheet includes a total of 9 different methodologies including those specified in the British Standard BS 8004. The full list of spreadsheets is given below;

  • CPT – BS Method
  • CPT – European Method – Cohesionless
  • CPT – European Method – Cohesive
  • CPT – Schmertmann – Cohesionless
  • CPT – Schmertmann – Cohesive
  • SPT – BS Method
  • SPT – (Meyerhof Method – Cohesionless)
  • SPT – (O’Neill & Reese Method – Cohesionless Soils)
  • SPT – Pressure Injected Footing (Cohesionless)

Pile Capacity from SI Data

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