Fender Berthing Energy Analysis

This suite of spreadsheets allow the user to calculate the design berthing energy for the design of a fendering system. This is done in accordance with PIANC, British and Japanese design standards. This design suite includes a total of 5 spreadsheets including berthing energy design for;

  • General continuous quay berthing
  • End berthing for RoRo berths
  • Lock entrances
  • Ship to ship berthing
  • Preliminary berthing energy calculation

The 4 detailed berthing energy spreadsheets take user inputs for vessel details and for berthing conditions and calculates the design berthing velocity in accordance with either British Standard 6349, PIANC 2002 or Japanese design standards. The vessel details can be estimated using the CivilWeb Ships Data spreadsheet.

Next the spreadsheets calculate the block, added mass, eccentricity, berth configuration and softness coefficients from user input berthing details. Then the spreadsheets calculate the normal and abnormal design berthing energies. Our unique design graph illustrates the effects of different vessel sizes.

The preliminary berthing energy calculator uses a simple empirical equation to calculate an estimated normal berthing energy from just the vessel size. The user states whether the spreadsheet should allow for the energy dissipated in rotation of the vessel after impact. This can be used for quick preliminary design or scoping analysis.

Fender Berthing Energy Analysis Spreadsheet.

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