Fender Panel Design Spreadsheet

This suite of spreadsheets allow the user to design a fender front panel and chains.

The Fender Panel Design spreadsheet takes user input values for vessel type and returns a design allowable hull pressure taken from PIANC and British Standards guidance. Then the user specifies the panel dimensions and the spreadsheeet calculates the average and maximum hull pressures, and checks whether these are acceptable for the specified vessel type.

The spreadsheet then calculates the maximum bending moment and shear forces generated by three different design conditions; a full hull contact, low level impact and a middle belting contact. These design forces can be used to design a fender panel.

The Fender Chain Design spreadsheet can be used to design the sag chains and shear chains. The user specifies the fender element and panel details. The spreadsheet then calculates the shear capacity of the elements and determines whether sag chains are required. If required, the spreadsheet then calculates the required breaking load of the sag and shear chains.

Fender Panel Design Spreadsheet.

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