Split Tensile Strength Test

The split tensile strength test of concrete measures the tensile strength of the concrete. The direct tensile strength is difficult to measure so the splitting strength test is an indirect way of measuring the tensile strength of the concrete.

The split tensile strength of concrete can be estimated relative to either compressive strength or flexural strength of the concrete using tools included with the CivilWeb Concrete Properties suite of spreadsheets.

Split Tensile Strength Test of Concrete

Like the flexural test, the tensile strength of concrete is also very difficult to measure accurately as the gripping and pulling forces introduce unwanted stresses into the concrete as well as tension. For this reason tension is usually tested indirectly using the split tensile test.

The split tensile strength test involves imparting a compressive force through the center of a cylinder or core of concrete. This induces horizontal tensile stresses through the center of the cylinder, which cause the concrete to fail in tension.

Splitting Tensile Strength Test Procedures

The standard method for the indirect tensile splitting strength test of concrete is detailed in ASTM C496.

Further information on the strength testing of concrete can be found in our Concrete Cube Test and Flexural Test posts.

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