Breeze Block Shed Calculator

The CivilWeb Breeze Block Shed Calculator Spreadsheet is a handy set of tools for the calculation of brick and block quantities and costs for almost any masonry project. The calculator tools include 18 different excel calculators, covering the calculation of all required material quantities including bricks, blocks, mortar and costs. The spreadsheet suite includes specific calculators for walls, houses, garages, sheds and retaining walls. The CivilWeb Breeze Block Shed Calculator Spreadsheet can be purchased below for only £19.99.

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Brick Calculator Spreadsheets

Breeze Block Shed

One of the first calculations to undertake when planning a masonry shed project is to determine exactly how many blocks, mortar and other materials will be required along with the total cost of the shed. This is not always as simple as it may seem, the calculation needs to be adjusted for block size, mortar depth and for block cuts if required. The CivilWeb Breeze Block Shed Calculator Spreadsheet completes all these adjustments automatically, showing the required number of blocks instantly for any size masonry shed. The calculator includes corrections for door and window openings.

The CivilWeb Breeze Block Shed Calculator Spreadsheet requires the following inputs from the user;

  • Wall Type – Whether the wall is to be a single skin or double skin
  • Height & Length of Shed Walls
  • Door and Window Details
  • Height, Length & Width of the Blocks
  • Mortar Thickness
  • Wastage – This is the percentage of purchased blocks which will be wasted during construction, a value of 10% is often used
  • Block Density – This is used to calculate the weight of blocks required for the project
  • Cost Details including cost of blocks, mortar and installation
  • Installation Rate

The spreadsheet takes all these inputs and uses them to calculate the following;

  • Number of courses and number of blocks in each course
  • Total number of blocks required
  • Volume and weight of blocks required
  • Weight of finished block garage walls
  • Volume and quantity of mortar required
  • Cost of materials and labour
  • Time to complete the wall

Brick Calculator Excel

The CivilWeb Brick Calculator Excel Suite includes a total of 18 different brick calculators for the calculation of any required material or cost of almost any masonry project. The suite includes the following calculator spreadsheets;

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  14. Breeze Block Shed Calculator
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CivilWeb Brick Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

The CivilWeb Brick Calculator Excel Spreadsheet is a very useful tool for anyone planning a masonry wall project. From a few simple inputs, the spreadsheet calculates the total number of bricks required along with mortar quantities and material weights.

Buy the CivilWeb Brick Calculator Excel Spreadsheet now for only £19.99.

Brick Calculator Spreadsheets

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Full Masonry Design Suite

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