Concrete Stairs Design

This spreadsheet allows user to analyse and design a reinforced concrete stair in accordance with the British Standard BS 8110. The spreadsheet takes user input values for the stair design parameters such as dimensions, stair type, concrete details and loading details.

The spreadsheet then calculates whether the user input dimensions are in accordance with UK Building Regulations, and a unique tool allows the user to see graphically how the design can be optimised within the regulations.

When the dimensions are finalised, the spreadsheet then calculates the maximum bending moment to be resisted, and the area of reinforcement required to resist the bending moment. A unique tool shows the user the effects of different section depths, so the stair design can easily be optimised.

Next the spreadsheet assists the user in designing the bending reinforcement with a unique tool showing all the options for reinforcement within the bar spacings specified in the British Standards.

Then the spreadsheet assists the user to design the shear reinforcement with a unique tool showing the best options for designing the minimum and designed shear links with vertical bars.

Finally the spreadsheet presents a summary of the final designed stair, with alerts where required  parameters have not been met and a drawing of the stair dimensions.

Concrete Stairs Design Spreadsheet.

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