Concrete Anchorage Design Spreadsheet

The CivilWeb Concrete Anchorage Design spreadsheet includes three design modules for the design of mechanical anchors, cast in anchors and chemical anchors in accordance with BS EN 1992-4. The design criteria for each of these anchors is different as explained on this site under each category. The critical design criteria as described in BS EN 1992-4 are;

Concrete Anchorage Design Spreadsheet

The analysis of anchorages installed into structural concrete members is a complex one and is often over simplified. In some cases the consequences of failure can be quite minor and in these cases a simplified calculation can be justified. In many cases however the consequences of failure can be serious and a full detailed calculation should be undertaken.

The Civilweb Spreadsheet completes all the above design criteria calculations in accordance with BS EN 1992-4. Each design includes detailed calculations which are very time consuming to complete by hand, even when the design does not need to be optimised. The CivilWeb spreadsheet completes all the required design calculations instantly and unique design tools allow the designer to optimise the anchor design in seconds. This is the quickest and easiest way to complete concrete anchorage designs.

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  • Concrete Anchorage Design Spreadsheet with all inputs available for cast in anchors, mechanical anchors and chemical anchors.
  • Free comprehensive 70 page Ultimate User Guide.  This includes detailed information and typical values for all the required inputs and an explanation of the design standards and principles used in the spreadsheet.

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